3 Ways Your Startup Can Earn Customer Trust

Trust is not only crucial for your business startup’s reputation but also its bottom line. Before you can purchase from a business, what do you do? Research the business’s experience and history? Read online reviews? Inquire about their products? All these are strategies a customer will use to establish whether a brand can be trusted.

Trust is vital if you are looking to establish professional relationships and boost conversions. If you are a new business, it might take effort and time to create positive, long-lasting relationships with customers. Here are a few ways through which your startup can earn its customers’ trust.

  1. Offer Valuable Content

One effective way through which your startup could build trust in its customers is by offering valuable educational content. This will not only portray your company as a leading expert in your niche, offering guides, tutorials, and useful blog posts, you will also be in a position to solve all the problems your audience could be facing.

The comments section in your blog posts is another excellent place to develop relationships with customers. Even when they just give a short comment appreciating your advice, this offers you the chance to talk to them directly and develop a more personal relationship. By consistently reading your blog posts, your audience will quickly become familiar with your products, services or brand and easily trust the valuable insights you offer.

  1. Avail Yourself For Inquiries Via Live Chat

Look at it this way: if you had a burning issue for a business and it took a week for them to respond with an inappropriate answer, you probably won’t be satisfied. A majority of customers today are looking for a quick, almost instant response and prefer being able to interact with customer support via live chat instead of email or phone. Being readily available at any time of the day for inquiries via live chat on your business’s website is not only an excellent way to enhance customer service but also boost the trust customers have in your startup.

Customers need to be in a position to make an informed purchasing decision before they can process the transaction. So when a customer has a concern or question, and they know they will receive a response immediately, they will not hesitate to place their orders. Live chat lets you have real-time conversations with customers when they are thinking about making the purchase, which will increase trusts and overall conversions.

  1. Showcase An Excellent Return Policy

An excellent return policy portrays your businesses as an entity that cares about its customers in addition to being confident in its products; both of which are qualities that customers can trust.

For instance, if you offer your customers a no-inquiries made, free return in the first 30 days after buying, customers will understand that you are not trying to deceive them. Even if they are not impressed with the purchase they made from your company, they will be pleased with your excellent customer service and will not be reluctant to buy from you in the future.

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